America West has current technology solutions for Snow and Ice Control. Our lineup of high-bred anti-icers includes corrosion inhibited calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, salt brine inhibitors and PNS qualified road salt. We also carry materials for dust control on roadways, parking areas, and driveways and several materials for erosion and fugitive dust control.

America West is a proud member of the Pacific Northwest Snow Fighter's Organization.

We are located in the heart of the Great Pacific Northwest in Pasco, Washington. We are served by Burlington Northern, Union Pacific, and Walla Walla Railroads and situated at the Confluence of the Snake and Columbia Rivers. At the crossroads of US 395, I-82, US 12 and 90 miles from I-90 allowing us easy access to the major north-south highway systems. Our strategic location enables America West to efficiently handle, store, and ship materials through out the Northwest and all of North America by rail, barge, or truck.

Meet our Staff

Here is a glimpse of our professional & friendly staff. We make everything happen for you!

Jim Hand, owner of America West and his staff have worked extensively in the coordination of anti-icing, dust control, and product storage. We work closely with private, municipal, and state agencies to supply quality materials and services for these and other industries. We are a reliable supplier of related materials and a trusted consultant within the industry.

You can reach Jim at:
Jim Hand, America West Environmental
Dan Codd has worked for America West for 23 years. Dan is an ISO certified trainer for Snow and Ice control. If you need training for your staff for winter operations and has trained agencies through out the country. Dan has been very involved in the development of the PNS approved line of Products that America West has to offer. He also has experience in dust control and soil stabilization.

Dan lives on the west side of Washington State. Dan enjoys photography, exercise and volunteering at the local elementary school through Ameri-Corp.

If you have any questions regarding any facet of the anti-icing or dust control industry, Dan would be happy to visit with you.

You can reach Dan at:
Dan Codd, American West Environmental
Dan Codd
Marketing, Training, Customer Service
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