ESB™ enhanced salt brine

"Quickly becoming the product of choice in salt brine operations"
ESB™ is a field blended, pavement ready, product for anti-icing, de-icing and pre-wet operations. ESB™ is an engineered combination of the organic corrosion inhibitor Boost SB™ and standard 23.3% sodium chloride brine. This absolutely effective combination promotes:

  • Increased application viscosity, reducing off- target migration
  • Decrease total chlorides introduced to the environment
  • Maintain moisture in the application, alleviating salt dusting
  • Compliance with the PNS Snowfighters criteria for anti-ice / de-icing materials
  • Field blended on-site by the end user for optimal in-house inventory and quality control
  • Reduce corrosion impact to infrastructure by over 70%
"It's been really successful," said Melanie Coon, a spokeswoman for the Transportation Department.
source: Seattle PI

"With this storm we got tested right out of the box, and the reviews are just great. [The] Pass remained bare and wet [this month], and didn't close ......."

source: Seattle Times
ESB Clear Roadway, America West Environmental