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Snow & Ice Control

America West has current technology solutions for Snow and Ice Control. Our lineup of high-bred anti-icers includes corrosion inhibited calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, salt brine inhibitors and PNS qualified road salt.

We work closely with private, municipal, and state agencies to supply quality materials and services for these and other industries. We are a reliable supplier of related materials and a trusted consultant within the industry.

America West is a proud member of the specific Northwest Snow Fighters.

Dust Control

America West uses the finest materials available to suppress fugitive dust. Whether it is blowing dust from stockpiles, open construction sites or gravel traffic surfaces, we have the material to solve the problem.

We inventory several chloride materials suitable for dusty parking lots and roadways. In most instances we can suppress dust emissions for an entire season depending on environmental conditions.

If blowing dust is a problem, we have environmentally suitable materials that can eliminate dust and PM 10 issues for temporary soil stabilization to long-term construction projects.

Any of our trained staff will be happy to visit with you for solutions to your dust and stabilization problems.
Gravel Road
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